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Innovation contributes to revitalization and competitiveness in every company or organization. In IdeaSense, we use creative and innovative approaches with emphasis on profound understanding of customers' behavior (design thinking, human-centered design). The resulting innovation not only brings new products and services but also helps activate creative thinking and innovative culture among our client's employees. Our goal is to design for products and services which correspond to the needs of customers, create positive experiences and form a positive affinity to a company and a brand. The functionality of innovation, utilization of advanced technologies and return on innovation investment is an integral part in all projects. Our clients are large international corporations as well as mid-sized and small Czech enterprises.

We support Czech Innovation because we believe that Czech Republic needs a strong innovative ecosystem that supports establishment of new start-up companies facilitating fast implementation of meaningful products and services, while strengthening Czech economy and competitiveness.



Seeing and hearing things with their own senses and knowing, how to utilize these observations in the process of creating breakthrough products or services, is an essential skill for all the team members. We do not let anybody without their own experience and learned empathy to initiate anything. Empathy creates intuition and understanding which cannot be passed on through PowerPoint slides.

Is it harder to come up with an idea or to make it happen? Even though, the point of view will differ based on everyone's strengths and weaknesses, the main and yet, untold question remains the same: How do we make the ideas fit the needs of those they are designed for?



Established in 1992 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, CzechInvest is the investment and business development agency of the Czech Republic whose services and development programmes contribute to attracting foreign investment and to developing Czech companies. Our mission is to support investment activities to the highest level of competence not only through our information service and consultancy but also by linkage with structural funds of the EU.


CzechInvest provides the following services free-of-charge:

  • Comprehensive services for investors - full information assistance, handling of investment incentives, business property identification, location of Czech suppliers, aftercare services
  • Business infrastructure development
  • Access to structural funds



Era is a trademark of ČSOB. Era is a brand of modern, integrated, financial-informative services that can be purchased in various ways and the key features of which are simplicity, openness, accessibility and added value. Era´s ambition is to be perceived as a provider of modern and convenient services elegantly simplifying many common aspects of our clients´ lives, not just financial ones. Era also provides the opportunity of using the services of other members of the ČSOB Group so that all the client's needs can be fully satisfied under one roof.

High quality and smart financial solutions are provided as a matter of course; we strive to meet our client's needs completely. Therefore, we, together with ČSOB, were the first on the Czech market to offer Comfortable Data Boxes for easy access to the data box via electronic banking. Financial centres also offer CzechPoint services and Era eSribe, on- line transcript for the hearing impaired.

Innovations in the Czech Republic are supported through Era World (Era světa) – a multi-functional space that offers a background for all those with creative ideas and promotes new technology, design and art ideas. The three-storey building next to the bank zone also includes a café, a co-working hall, exhibition space and a hall for presentations or simple cultural performances. Last year, Era took part in start-up of the "Coolworking" co-working centre in Hradec Králové which was established after a meeting at Česká inovace (Czech Innovation).



The French-Czech Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1996, it has 280 members of which 57 % are French companies, 32 % Czech and 11 % companies with international background. Some individual members and non-profit organizations are members as well. The FCCC aims to be a platform for the development of the French-Czech community, to support mutual business and the cultural relations of both countries and of their inhabitants and to promote the idea of a united Europe. The FCCC also offers consulting services to small and mid-sized companies entering the French or Czech market.

We always strive to improve and innovate our services for our members: social events in unusual places, private visits to exhibitions, and sporting events, with the new motto: "FCCC in motion".

The CCFT has started a unique "enterprise incubator" project, a mixture of fully-equipped offices and complete range of services for a French company to start doing business in the Czech Republic. Together, with our knowledge and know how, we can create success on the Czech market.

Czech innovation is, for us, a symbol of Czech skills, which needs to be supported and further developed within a common European space, and therefore we are proud partners of the Festival of Czech innovation.



Enterprise Europe Network provides specialized services aimed at support and raising of competitiveness mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises. The Network activities include expert counselling for entrepreneurs and information on the Single Market, assistance with transnational technology transfer, searching for international business contacts and project partners for international co-operation in research and development. The Network also offers advice for protecting intellectual property.

Enterprise Europe Network operates in nearly fi fty countries. The Czech Republic is represented by a consortium of eleven partners coordinated by the Technology Centre ASCR and is funded by the European Union in the EU Framework Programme for Competitiveness and Innovation and Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. This ensures that all its services are served free of charge



DINA - HITEX, spol. s r.o. is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of medical products in the Czech Republic. The company entered the market in 1992 and since the beginning focused its activity on the development and production of disposable products made from nonwovens. Currently, under the trade name DINA - HITEX, spol. s r.o., the company provides the working opportunities for about 250 employees that makes it one of the largest employers in the area of the Bučovice town, situated in a picturesque setting of the Ždánský forest.

The main production is focused on surgical drapes and sterile operating sets, so-called "barrier system" that are intended for use in operating rooms. The products we create and compile are tailored to the individual needs of our customers, so that its composition helps to maximum patient's safety and simplifies the work for the operating team during invasive procedures.

In addition to products intended for healthcare, we also supply a wide range of products for industry and cosmetics. Branches of DINA - HITEX, spol. s r.o. are located in Trencin in Slovakia and Bielsko-Biala in Poland.



The joint-stock company Dark Side is a digital marketing agency of an entirely new type. It provides consultations and production services, especially in the field of new media. It specializes mainly in online marketing, i.e. the creation of websites, online campaigns and strategies on the Internet itself and in various social networks. It also offers custom-built development of web-based as well as mobile applications and other services. The scale of the company's references and clients is very large. It manages online communication to clients in the field of FMCG (Nestlé, Danone, Philips), retail (Reebok, Mountfield and Unibail – Rodamco), to companies offering financial and other services (Uniqua, Era, Hypoteční banka) as well as to non-profit (Daruj správně, Otevřená budoucnost, Jahoda).

However, Dark Side goes beyond the digital world and offers unique expertise in interconnecting standard marketing channels with online environment. Our professional team of staff, carefully selected with the emphasis on experience and creativity, offers services from traditional advertising or direct marketing, so it is able to create unique communication strategies across online and offline environments.



PatentCentrum Sedlák & Partners s.r.o. is a company of patent attorneys providing a complex intellectual property protection service in the Czech Republic, European Community and all over the world. The company is especially focused on patent and trademark protection and copyright, the registration thereof with national and regional patent offices. The company also provides representation in litigations concerning intellectual property issues and certified expert services in the related field. PatentCentrum Sedlák & Partners s.r.o. represents clients from the Czech Republic and abroad. The company has a team of in-house patent attorneys and lawyers as well as external experts and specialists.

Intellectual property protection is an important part of any innovation strategy. The co-operation between PatentCentrum and Česká inovace o.p.s. is focused on assisting perspective innovations with effective legal protection.



Havas Worldwide Prague is the leading communication agency in the Czech Republic, on the Agency of the Year podium 9 times in the last 10 years and most awarded agency in the history at the Effies.

We provide marketing, digital and social media solutions, advertising, corporate communications, design and packaging. Our vision is to be the most future-facing ideas agency. We excel at delivering Creative Business Ideas® that take our client's business strategies to all new levels, leading them to the Future First, to drive profitable growth.

Havas Worldwide and the building EXPO58: Havas Worldwide Prague seized the opportunity to bring the symbol of 20th century Czech creativity back to life and turn it into a symbol of creativity and technology of the 21st century. After a complete reconstruction, which was awarded with The Best Realty 2002 Reconstruction Work Award, the company moved during the month of October 2001.

Communication is Havas Worldwide Prague core business and it is a business of ideas and creativity – they guide everything the company does. With that perspective EXPO 58 is the ideal place for people to foster their creativity.

To learn more about Havas Worldwide Prague, please visit our website at



This Association bringing together private equity and venture capital investors was established in 1994 with the objective of developing and supporting the Czech private equity and venture capital sector while representing, directing and defending the professional interests of the Association's members. The overall goal of this trade association of legal entities is not to generate a profit but to fulfil its established mission. There are two permitted forms of membership in the Association. Full membership is intended for private equity and venture capital funds and associate membership includes consultancy firms, law offices and other companies operating in the PE/VC area. CVCA currently has 58 members (14 full members and 44 associate members). More information can be obtained at The Association's objectives are to:

  • cooperate with the Czech government, the governments of other countries, state agencies and other institutions to create and develop a legislative, financial and fiscal framework appropriate for venture capital investors as well as for those who receive invested capital;
  • improve and sustain the ethical and professional standard of all its members;
  • organize conferences, seminars and meetings for members and business partners for the purpose of reporting on the current state of the market for private equity and venture capital;
  • report on the Association's activities and current state of affairs in the private equity and venture capital area through its website, publications, articles and brochures.



Profinit is a member of the multi-national New Frontier Group, which is a leader in the field of digital transformation of organizations and companies in Central and Eastern Europe. With more than 2,000 employees in 17 countries, i tis also one of the 10 largest providers of ICT services in the entire CEE region and belongs among the top in the field of custom application development, data management, data warehouse, and business intelligence.

Profinit has plenty of customers in finance industry, telecommunications, utilities and state administration. The main focus of company is a digital transformation consulting services, technology services and outsourcing. Profinit is among the 5 largest custom application development providers in Czech Republic (IDC study, 2012) and has several others awards.

ACM SPY (Czech ACM Chapter & Slovakia ACM Chapter Student Project of the Year)

ACM SPY (Czech ACM Chapter & Slovakia ACM Chapter Student Project of the Year) is the only official contest of the best thesis in the field of computer science and information technology organized by the most prestigious Czech and Slovak universities, private companies and the professional association ACM. The main organizer of the year 2014 is the Faculty of Information Technology ČVUT and the company Profinit with its partners.

The contest is open to full-time students of any university or faculty in the Czech and Slovak Republic focused on computer science and information technology, who are defending their thesis in the master's or engineer's degree studies in the academic year 2013/2014. The students and their theses are to be nominated for the contest by their faculty.



For over 11 years JIC has been supporting people in creating and growing companies that change the world. It helps young entrepreneurs with initial idea, as well as technology startups and fully developed companies. JIC has already accelerate more than 200 innovative companies and has supported cooperation between researchers and companies for 32 million Czech crowns. It also has helped to establish more than 30 startups that got 93 million Czech crown total investment. It contributes to improving competitiveness and increases number of high qualified jobs in South Moravian region.



AVO is the only organization in Czech republic representing applied research. Founded in 1993 AVO has more then 80 members with more then 8000 researchers.

AVO key role is to promote the Czech applied research, development and inovations on both national and international level and help to bring the R&D results into the business.