It is important for us to find professional partners who want to build the czech innovative culture and education with us. They could make efforts of the knowledge and mentoring dissemination addressed to innovators who we seek.

You or your company can take advantage of the CIN's playground:

Inspiration - we search stories of successful innovation and leading czech business people. The area where our efforts reflected in reality, our core activities - Czech Innovation Award, Czech Innovation Festival, Future cast, Inspiring talks. You have priority right to attend and actively participate on these events.

Know -How - we create space and atmosphere for sharing experiences, tips, training. It is up to you how you want to use for your business activities and to support innovative environment.

Connections - we design interaction among innovators, students, other partners, mentors, academic and state subjects. We are the place to spread awareness about your company and work.

Visibility - we popularize innovation, innovators and knowledge - based economy. You can gain the broad recognition and visibility associated with the innovation.

Czech Innovation is pleased to offer all about under the title "Partner of the Czech Innovation".

Seeking detailed conditions should refer to the chapter "Partnership Possibilities" or make an appointment with us.