Innovative Idea Trofeje

This category is dedicated for individuals, students or teams who are still in the idea phase and may need help with its implementation into practice.

Promising Innovation

This category is open to all entrepreneurs and start ups that operate on the market for less than three years and have less than ten employees.

Innovative Star

This category includes small and medium sized businesses that are on the market for more than three years and have less than 250 employees.

Innovative Company

This category is for large companies and corporations that employ more than 250 people.

Innovation in public sector

This category is open to all public administration bodies such as state organisational units and their semi-budgetary institutions, regions, municipalities and their organizations.

The main prize - Czech Innovation 2014

Absolute winner, elected by public vote during the Czech innovation Festival from all the winners of all categories.

Special prize for socially beneficial innovations

This special price is new in this year of the award. This category will be selected from all the projects with social impact across the categories